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British Transport Police look for 200 passengers

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In the transport industry, health and safety is paramount. Being able to provide reliable and trusted travel to everyone, from all walks of life, is a fundamental part of our modern transport services, and in healthcare things are no different.

Safe transport

At the HATS Group and Olympic South Ltd, we’ve grown as a company with health and safety as a key factor in everything we do. Our patient, home to school and private transport services were founded on our ability to provide passengers with the safest travel possible. But just how easy is it to provide safe transport to those who don’t want it?

Bristol train incident

In what is undoubtedly one of the most reckless acts in recent public transport history, up to 200 passengers are now being sought by British Transport Police in Bristol. After an overcrowded train did not stop at a station on Saturday, at Redland Station in the South West of England, over 200 passengers left the train and walked along the tracks to reach a local music festival.

After the train announced that it would not be stopping at Redland Station, due to overcrowding, some disgruntled passengers then took the situation into their own hands and pulled the emergency stop cord.

The passengers were believed to be students on the way to the Tokyo World music festival near Bristol.

The incident led to over 200 passengers leaving the train – walking along the train tracks to reach their destination.


Train operators have since condemned the actions of the passengers saying:

“Railway lines are designed for trains, not people and are inherently dangerous places. The actions of this group of passengers, whatever their reasons, endangered not only themselves, but also their fellow passengers.”

But are the passengers the only ones to blame?

Whilst the passengers have been blamed for the incident, and the festival a contributing factor, many have pointed out that extreme overcrowding may have been a safety concern for passengers.

One student discussed health and safety concerns with Epigram, describing the situation, saying:

“It was awful, I was trapped in the corner. I’m claustrophobic so I started panicking and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. People around us were shouting to the guys nearest to the window to smash it open.”

With overcrowding a concern for all, it’s interesting to see that Great Western Railway choose not to stop at the Redland Station to resolve the situation.

Following the incident, police are now trying to identify the hundreds of passengers who left the train and walked along the line.

You can find out more about the story on the Huffington Post website.

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