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New ‘Walk the Tube’ map released

Walking Tube map Henry Bilinski

Living in London, you’d be hard pressed not to be close to some form of public or private transportation – that’s just the way it is. But every now and then, skipping the tube and travelling on foot can not only be more enjoyable but it can also be quicker.

London Transport

But just how long does it take to walk from Oxford Circus to Bond Street? Can you walk from King’s Cross to Caledonian Road? Well, Transport for London (TfL) might have the answer.

To help the public to better understand walking times in London, transport bosses TfL have unveiled the first official map showing the time it takes to travel on foot between almost all of the stations on the Underground network.

New ‘Walking Tube’ map

The new maps shed some light on walking distances between both major and minor stations in zone 1 and 2, showing longer walks such as King’s Cross to Highbury & Islington and easier routes such as Piccadilly Circus to Leicester Square.

Speaking about the new map, a TfL spokeswoman said:

“What we have seen is that people are desperate for this sort of thing, so we have created it. We focused on central London, zones 1 and 2, and based the times of our journey planner.

“It’s often quite a difficult message for us because people think we just do the Tube and buses, but we’re also responsible for roads, walking and cycling.”

Great resource for all

The new map – which will be in circulation shortly – will no doubt help commuters and locals to make more informed decisions for travel, but it will also be a hugely useful resource for tourists.

You can find out more and view the new ‘Walking Tube’ map right now on the TfL website.

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