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Workers to strike on Piccadilly line

Piccadilly Line Henry Bilinski

In a series of on-going strikes, Rail union RMT have just confirmed a strike vote on the London Piccadilly Line after a ballot for industrial action.

Transport strikes

Throughout 2015 there’s been a wide array of industrial action in the UK. From rows concerning 24-hour underground services to national widespread rail strikes, we’ve seen both the public and transport employees effected by the disruptions. And with Christmas quickly approaching it seems more strikes are set to happen.

This time it seems that one of the busiest underground networks in London is to be affected, as train operators on the Piccadilly Line voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action this week.

Tube strike on Piccadilly Line

Union members on the line are set to strike over a number of issues such as breaches in management processes including weak brakes on trains, discipline at work and issues regarding the new Cockfosters depot at the end of the line.


Speaking about the intended strike, Rail union RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said: “The wholesale abuse of procedures and agreements by management on the Piccadilly Line is rife and amounts to the development of a campaign of bullying, harassment and intimidation that the union will not allow to continue and the anger on the shop floor is reflected in these massive votes for action.”

The effects

As one of London’s busiest underground train lines, the closure of Piccadilly, for any amount of time is likely to cause a great deal of disruption. It’s estimated that over 600,000 passengers use the line every day, connecting commuters and customers with a number of vital stations and destinations, including Heathrow Airport.

The group of around 400 drivers on the line are yet to decide when to the stage the strike, as discussions with Transport for London are still ongoing. Let’s hope they can reach an agreement.

I’ll have more news when it develops. Until next time.

Henry Bilinski. HATS Group and Olympic South Ltd CEO.